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Green Beret Lt. Col. Daniel Marvin (Retired) Blows the Whistle on CIA-Directed Assassination Campaigns Pt. 3

How the CIA uses Green Berets and the Mafia to kill foreign leaders and heads of state. "This book tells exactly how we are used (sometimes against the law) for some of the things this country gets involved in like killing the leaders of other they use mafia and Green Berets to kill those [people]." --Green Beret LTC Daniel Marvin. (First listen to Part I and Part II.)

You may order a signed copy of LTC Daniel Marvin's book, Expendable Elite: One Soldier's Journey into Covert Warfare by calling  1-800-556-2012. You can also purchase this important book (and in the process help Col. Daniel Marvin with his legal expenses) by purchasing Expendable Elite online

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Episode #6 December 18, 2006 (Running time is 11 minutes 25 seconds, file size:10815.05KB)


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